Unschooled, Revisited.

CORRECTION: Turns out there was some misunderstanding about the links and the authors behind them. I made the corrections. Sorry about the confusion.

I’ve posted twice in the past couple days about unschooling - a form of home schooling where the student acts as his or her own “teacher”. This post caught the attention of a Unschool’ing parent - someone whose child/children is/are being unschooled.
After a reblog, a couple links, and a comment or two later, this unschool mom sent me a link to her website, part of which focuses on unschooling.

I’ve made it pretty clear that I find this whole off-shoot of education bizarre, BUT I am interested in learning more and was happy to find this link in my inbox today.

If you’re interested in learning more about unschooling, I’ll point ya’ll in several different directions:

Visit an Unschooled Mom’s website site HERE.

Hear a story written (and recorded) for NPR by a unschooled student HERE.


Read my Unschool rant HERE.

Thanks, unschool mom, for sharing these links with me!

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