I learned today that unschooled is like homeschooled without the school.

An “unschooled” student, Sam Fuller, wrote a very nice piece for NPR - which, like, whatever, it’s great, you’re a teenager, you’re on NPR, ok, cool.


This Fuller fellow didn’t learn to read until he was 10, and when he did learn to read it’s because he CHOSE to so he could play Magic the Gathering, the card game.

Fuller writes, “I’m 16 now and I learn what I want to learn, when I want to learn it.” He goes on to explain, “Unschooling is like home schooling, except entirely self-directed.”

Oh my goodness.

Maybe this is working out for this kid (who, may I remind you, learned to read when he was TEN!?!), but can you imagine other children self directing their education?? What would the average 6 year old want to learn? The alphabet? No. They’d want to learn earth worms, or swing set, or Sponge Bob.

How is this legal?
And what kind of parent says, “Ok, 6 year old, you should be learning to count, but you just learn your ABC’s whenever YOU want to.”

"We don’t have as much pressure from school and friends telling us what to like, so it’s our responsibility to figure out how to spend our time," writes Fuller.

As a 16 year old I’d choose to spend my time making out with hotties or chatting via MSN messenger.

And I really don’t think this is just me who would have abused my unschooled power. There are just so many things WRONG with this idea.

Now, take a moment to be honest with yourself: What would YOU have chosen to learn while 16??


US History?

Or hands-on sex ed?


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